Thursday, July 3, 2014

How to Upgrade Android OS Easy

android operating system is now the best and most popular in the world, has a lot of various kinds of android version launched, ranging from such froyo, gingerbread, honeycomb, ice cream sandwich (ICS), and the last jelly bean kit kat. s has the facilities and features based on the sequence of the android version, the old version like froyo and gingerbread of course still has many shortcomings and weaknesses when compared to the latest version of android os version sorts of jelly beans. even more applications on google play store that requires phone / tablet with android os at least equal to the jelly bean can use the application. This would be inconvenient for those of you who only use the gadget / smartphone with android version of the old / old.

If you buy a new gadget flow only to enjoy the latest hp with android os, this would be very harmful and less efficient, is because there are still ways to make your old android os android os turn into the latest version. nah, the solution is of course to upgrade your phone to the latest android os. is easy enough to do, then of the article is to discuss the tips and tricks tutorial os upgrade your android phone to a newer version again. so see the full details of the steps your android os updates below. . .